Sunday, May 6

Sunday Love.

Sunday. How I adore you. 
Waking up early to teach Sunday school at the church. 
Melts me. 

These babies have my heart and soul....

After praising the lord for an hour with the sweet littles I get to go to the church nursery and cuddle the little littles. Which means yes....I did fall asleep holding a sleeping newborn today. 

Precious doesn't even begin to describe his little baby snores. 

I think the unique part about working in a nursery is that they touch your heart for an hour or so and then you have to wait an entire week to see them again. It's a special role to fill. 

It's been a full week. 
My heart has been full. 

& now I'm unbelievable tired and may or may not be on my way to a nap... 

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zoe Sanders said...

these pictures! I just die how is she so precious~

Anna H. said...

love how you look at life you are truly admirable

Anonymous said...

she's darling!!

Elisha(: said...

I loove these!! and her braid!

bridget anne said...

you're so sweet to teach the kiddos! xo.

Carrie Peterson said...

she's georgeous!!!!! great post

samantha Reese said...

loving these pictures ell makes me want to have it be summer thanks for lighting up my sunday

Céline said...

wow i love your pictures!
I just started following you, hope you'll take a look at my blog as well!

Tali said...

Aw so cute! Love the pictures <3
I'm following, If you have time check out my blog & maybe follow back ? :$

XX Tali

His Little Lady said...

sounds and looks like a beautiful sunday!!! and all of these images are just perfect! i miss blowing bubbles! :)
xo TJ

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

These photos are beautiful, I love the light, so relaxed! I've just added you on Instagram :) (I'm @vanishavakaoti)

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