Monday, April 23

giveaway winners announced and a life update.

Hey there pretty people.
Fancy seeing you here. 

My first order of business is announcing the winners of the last {THREE} giveaways. 

 Bloglovin' giveaway: Aubrey Kinch from The Kinch Life. 
congratulations Aubrey please contact me to claim your large ad space for May. xoxo 

Sponsorship giveaway: Sierra from Oh, just living the dream. 
congratulations Sierra please contact me to claim your large May ad space + Forever21 gift card 

Fashion to Figure giveaway: Meghan from The Struggling Cyster. 
congratulations Meghan please contact me to claim your $30 store credit & schedule your solo giveaway/guest post on The Ellie Life 

Make sure to email me within 48 hours ladies!! Wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun. 

That's right not only is this little lady almost a junior. I'm also quite technically going to be an almost brace face for the next year. YAY! Gosh life is good until your orthodontist kindly suggests that your teeth are completely in need of some major dental doings. 

Lately life has been full of mishaps, cracker eating, and baby kisses. 
Gosh I love baby kisses.
Stick around ten years and I'll be bragging about my own. 

In more recent news: 

I ate a cup of noodles today. Picked out all the carrots. Processed vegetables really scare me. 
I ran the dog, brushed my teeth, and am on my to get a starbucks tea. 

Life is incredibly good. 

Today I got to thinking about how most people in this pretty little world probably don't care that I am off to get starbucks at this hour. Or that I brushed my teeth today. 

I also got to thinking about how irrelevant those thoughts are compared to the actual reasons why I blog. I blog because I LOVE that I am creating a memory. I blog to connect with young women my age and inspire them internationally to be the best that they can be. I blog to get a sense of world connections, financial management, and happiness. 

Because writing makes me happy. Connections make me happy. This little website makes me happy. 

In my humble opinion that is enough to write openly about my fear of processed veggies. Rather you care or not is your choice. But I can promise you that the second that you stop caring what other people think and start caring about what makes you happy that you're going to need invisaline because you won't be able to stop smiling. 

Recently I genuinely and to the core stopped worrying about the high school stuff that used to periodically get under my skin. I have learned to put everyone else's shoes on and think about the fact that they too are their own people. The moment that I started to realize that the entire world was not in fact out to get me was pretty much the best one ever. 

& maybe just maybe my hate for frozen carrots just scored me a new friend. because that sweet people, is how weird us bloggers are. 

Now go out and smile. & praise Jesus most of you are already high school graduates. See you on the other side loves. Two years down. Two to go. But hey who am I kidding. High school has it's moments.  

Sending a bunch of baby kisses your way. 
That's how much I love y'all. 

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Anonymous said...

you're the sweetest

samantha Reese said...

I can honestly say that you bring me sheer joy

carrie Peterson said...

that smile holy girl I love you

Daisy Maik said...

I love everything that you stand for. I think that you are so incredible and I am so proud of all that you do

Daisy Maik said...

I love everything that you stand for. I think that you are so incredible and I am so proud of all that you do

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Hey Ellie, you post had me in giggles! I'm back from Fiji and settling back in slowly. Nursing a stupid cold :( I'm glad you're enjoying high school. I loathed my high school years, university was sooo much better. Just something more for you to look forward to ;) <3

Britt Galloway said...

you are the definition of sweetness god I would LOVE to meet a blogger like you in real life

catie Grace said...

I wish I could blog and write let alone blog and write the way that you do just so you know you rule

Elisha(: said...

congrats girllllss!(: and elliiiee. your too cute. :P good luck with the braces ;(

Erin said...

You are precious and I love your style of writing :)

Kristina said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for the kind words you said on my blog!! I am looking forward to getting to know you better and am happy to follow you on GFC and Instagram!

Love on a Budget said...

hey Ellie! I am your newest follower :] Thanks for following me and for the email. Excited to get to know you here girl!
Très bien

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